Da-Poet – Not in my country Prod. by Flowzy

Da Poet’s “Not In My Country” is a message of CHANGE.

We can all sit here expecting change to come to us one way or the other, but until I and You(We) change our approach to things, until I and You(We) let that change we want to see in the rest of us begin with us. Until then, nothing really substantial would change.

So about a week ago, Da Poet told me he would be dropping a song today(Nigeria’s Independence day), I asked if I could listen to the song and yeah I did. Just 10 seconds into the song, I knew it would be thoughtful and on point. And I was right, the song itself is CHANGE – this is an era where it doesn’t matter what we do. Most artistes just want to be under the spotlight, however that’s possible even if they don’t make sense. . .

“Not In My Country” opens with a sensititzing speech by Ben Murray Bruce after which Da Poet went on to lay 50 bars on a remake of Olamide’s “JEGA” instrumental by producer Flowzy. What I love about the song is not just that the lyrics are thought-provoking and inspiring, but they are stuffs that we can relate with. Maybe not your story, maybe not mine directly but lines like – ‘tuition on bank loans, that was how we came up’ are what we’ve seen another lived through. Da Poet’s clear diction and creativity in his choices of words make them hit the right places as they synchronize with Flowzy’s smooth instrumental. And as the song closes with another part of the Ben’s speech, it leaves a pensive feeling. . .

Overall, “Not In My Country” is more than just a good conscious rap song. Even with no hook, it’s a song you’ll listen to over and over again.


Download Da-Poet – Not in my country Prod. by Flowzy

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